Since the announcement of Heavy Metal’s first online Comic GATES on 10.31.10 and the subsequent launch of this website, some very interesting coverage has occurred in the press. Here are a few links below to what some of our favorite nerd news outlets are saying.

Geek Chic Daily officially broke the story on Friday 10/30/10 and used a great quote to describe GATES which was very flattering in a Rock-n-Roll and Sci-fi point of view.¬†Here’s what they had to say.
Heavy Hottie: “Be first to see Heavy Metal’s online comic Gates! Dr. Moreau meets 1984. On acid.

This was brilliant! Thanks Geek Chic Daily for the kind words! Great references!

The New York Daily News Bleeding Cool and also gave GATES some props.

WIRED Magazine’s cool little subsection called Unwired, wrote a really nice article about¬† GATES as well. They really captured the soul of what it’s all about–the story.

The anticipation for the 1.1.11 launch is brewing!

We are all very excited as well and will be checking in periodically with more news, updates and goodies building up to the climactic new year’s day explosion of Gates the comic!