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MTV Geek debuts new trailer and exclusive images for Heavy Metal magazine's GATES

MTV Geek debuted yesterday the brand new trailer for Heavy Metal magazine’s first digital comic, GATES, as well as published an all-encompassing interview with creator Hal Hefner. Also included in the article are exclusive images from this sci-fi webcomic, which launches 1.1.11 right here at

Check out the trailer below or on MTV Geek, which introduces the story’s beginning, reveals the ominous ConGenement City, and gives a glimpse of what lies beyond its oppressive walls.

The trailer features music from hard rock band Inside The Black, ambient rocker LoveKrafty and metal band Rusty Eye, which are all confirmed for the music soundtrack coming out later in 2011.

Heavy Metal magazine is proud to release both the trailer and the exclusive images to Gates, their first sci-fi webcomic, and could not find a more perfect outlet than MTV Geek.

The interview with creator Hal Hefner spans ten questions and features in-depth answers loaded with controversy, backstory and all-around coolness.

Check it out!