Hal Hefner Creator of Gates the comic will be on the radio 12/24: streaming live on Mova Radio

Friday December 24th, Gates the comic creator Hal Hefner will be on the Keeler in the Morning Show live in upstate NY. Hal will be calling in from his home in Los Angeles, CA.

Bill Keeler

On the show, Hal will be discussing Gates, Heavy Metal Magazine’s first online comic, his interview with MTV Geek, recent success and the buzz surrounding the comic–and a lot more, including the history of Heavy Metal Magazine and what it’s like to work with Kevin Eastman. And most likely Hal will regress to a fifteen year old boy and have a conversation about heavy metal music, boobs, poop, farts and how much he hates the New York “football” Giants. And if all goes according to plan, the guys on the show will reveal some embarrassing stories in Hal’s childood history.

So listen in if you can, whether you stream live on Mova Radio or listen to the show on demand, that will be available Monday 12/12/10

The local radio station is 92.7, the Drive, in Utica New York. And for those of you that have read my bio (Hal) this would be the place I refer to as growing up in the “dark-eerie woods of upstate NY.”

The show will air live between 9-10 am eastern time and 6-7 am pacific.

Joe Load and Ray Richer