Here is a video introduction to GATES, recorded in my studio in October of 2010. It gives an overview of the story for Heavy Metal’s first online comic and where it’s going in the upcoming months.

The best way for me to explain Gates to you in terms of pacing is that it has a big similarity to the Wizard of Oz–in one way. I know a lot of you have seen the various images online of the lush plant life and bizarre creatures. You’ve also seen the negative Utopian world which is currently underway in the pages that are up on the website currently. You’ve probably wondered how these worlds fit together.

Well remember how Dorothy started off in the black and white, dull world of Kansas and ended in up in the technicolor land of OZ? Well, there ya go. It’s very much like that. Two contrasting worlds colliding. It was not an intentional thing to do it this way but a person that was interviewing pointed it out and I kind of liked the similarities.It was an honor actually because I love that movie.

As a kid I loved the magical, yet disturbing land of OZ, and of course the creepy flying monkey and the scary Lollipop gang of dwarfs.  It’s not surprising that this movie subconsciously made it’s impression on Gates, as did many others. Without amazing tales like the Wizard of Oz, people like me couldn’t weave their tales of science fiction today.