Gates the comic is about to get crazier in the coming months… If you haven’t read the synopsis yet, I suggest you check it out because it gives you the “big picture” idea of Gates.  Also if you look in the characters section, it continues to give you an idea of the story to prepare you for what is to come.

So far in the pages of Hal Hefner’s Gates the comic, we have been engulfed by a crusty, industrial negative Utopian world–Filled with close circuit monitors blaring propaganda and watching the inhabitants of ConGenement City’s every move.

So I ask all of you readers, casual viewers and faithful subscribers to remember the classic movie the Wizard of Oz.  Remember when Dorothy started off in Kansas and it was a black and white movie? Remember how when she went to Oz suddenly everything was in Technicolor? Well Gates the comic is kind of like that too in the sense that once outside of ConGenement City, you enter a lush alien world filled with all sorts of strange creatures.

Below you will find a series of conceptual sketches of some of the strange lifeforms that will manifest in the upcoming pages. Now I don’t want to give away too many details about these characters because it will spoil all the fun when they make an appearance in the comic.

So check them out and try and guess which animals I chose as an artistic influence for these creatures. They all started off in pencil and the first three are actually colored with marker and colored pencil.