Gates the comic, Heavy Metal’s first online comic, proudly presents it’s first piece of Fan Art!

Sometimes I have to pinch myself when life does things for me that blow me away. No matter what happens, I’ll always be just a guy from a small town in upstate NY, living in the bright lights of Los Angeles. I live life as a fan of amazing art, comics, movies, music and anything that captures my ADHD brain. So when fans start drawing images inspired by my work, it kinda chokes me up.

Here is a really fun interpretation from Rufus Hobbs, a very talented young high school student, I met at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con in January. Rufus is a cool kid and I hope his parents get a chance to read this article becuase I insist that when he graduates, they MUST send him to an Art School. The kid loves comics, and is on his way to defining his own voice as an artist already. That’s a tough thing for an artist to do and many struggle with it for years but Rufus—he has “it”.

I love this piece of art that he created for Gates. It’s well done and a piece that I’m very, very grateful for.

So check out Rufus on deviantART and support this young guy on his journey. I have a feeling in a few years, he’ll be making his own comics.

Thanks Rufus!