Are you a fan of Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman and the Creature from the Black Lagoon?

Are you a fan of Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi and Roger Corman?

Well I am…and it’s an honor to be a guest at a film festival honoring them.

April 8 – 10th at the famous Laemmele Theater in Beverly Hills, Famous Monsters of Film Land Magazine presents the Imagi-Movies Film Festival!

I have been invited as a special guest of Phil Kim, owner and editor of Famous Monsters, the classic magazine dedicated to monsters, aliens and other creepy and disgusting monsters of the world of entertainment. I am working on a top secret project with Phil and it’s been a pleasure to get to know him and be associated with such a stellar and historical magazine. I will also be there representing Gates and Heavy Metal.

I love old monster movies, aliens and other crazy movies from my childhood. I think Vincent Price gave me first nightmare! Well all of that and more is represented here! Check out the trailer for the event below.



Here is the SCHEDULE:



Main Screen

11:45 AM – Boneyard Collection ($6.00)

1:50 PM – Wanderlost

4:00PM – Independent Film Panel (Free)

5:15 PM – Horror! ($10.00)

7:20 PM – Dollar Babies B & Dollar Babies Panel($10.00)

10:30 PM – Downstream With Intro from Cast and Crew($10.00)


Screen 1

11:45 AM – Crustacean($6.00)

1:20 PM – Serials!($6.00)

3:00 PM – The Feed With Derailed($6.00)


Screen 2

11:45 AM – Dollar Babies A($6.00)

2:00 PM – The Inheritance($6.00)

4:00 PM – My Cousin’s Keeper With Tom Woodruff Q&A(Free)




Main Screen

11:45 AM – Monsters!($10.00)

1:35 PM – Closed For The Season($10.00)

3:45 PM – The Reel!($10.00)

6:00 PM – Masque Of The Red Death & Masque of the Red Death Panel ($15.00)

9:15 PM – Dracula 80th Anniversary Panel & Dracula ($15.00)


Screen 2

10:00 PM – Repo! Featuring Shadowcast group “Addicted to the Knife” to perform.($10.00)




Main Screen

11:45 AM – Castle Freak With Richard Band Q&A($10.00)

1:40 PM – The Abominable Dr. Phibes & Vincent Price Centennial Panel($10.00)

4:50 PM – Call Of Cthulhu With AM 1200, Late Bloomer & Lovecraft Panel 1($10.00)

7:30 PM – Awards Ceremony (Free)

8:00 PM – The Last Lovecraft With Frank Dancoolo & Lovecraft Panel 2($10.00)


Horror! A phantasmagoria of gory, haunting tales


The Curse of Micah Rood


Enter the Dark

The Devil’s Toy

An Evening with My Comatose Mother

The Key to Annabel Lee


Serials! Comic books and sci-superheros! 80min

Billy Baxter and The Mystery of Dr. Amazo

Street Angel

Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid


Monsters! From classic to unexpected, the creatures of cinema! 80 min



O Solitario Ataque de Vorgon

The Sleuth Incident

A Tragic Tale of Flies and Men

Bedtime For Timmy

Broccoli Monster


The Urge


The Reel! Twisted and fantastic visions of life, death, and the world around us! 105 min

DemiUrge Emesis


Between Heaven and Hell




Dollar Babies A- 100 min

Strawberry Spring

Home Delivery

Autopsy Room Four

Flowers for Norma

Umney’s Last Case



Dollar Babies B- 100 min


The Road Virus Heads North

Disciples of the Crow

The Man Who Loved Flowers

Rainy Season

Night Surf




Saturday! So please come by and see me! There will be TONS of special guests. Roger Corman will be there, as well as Victoria Price and Bela Lugosi Jr.



Go to the Imagi-Movies Website for tickets and more info!

It’s going to be awesome! I hope to see you there!