One month sure seems like a long time. But Gates is back! And boy oh boy was this a busy month. I’ve been working my ass off to put the soundtrack together as well as a new trailer featuring TONS of brand new art! I also flew back home to New York for a minute and spoke at  a Transhumanism conference…Oh yeah, AND I was working on new pages of Gates!–while planning for the building of a Gates App for ipad, iphone and android!

Here’s a logo to get used to…It is the symbol of Ascension…The sacred ceremony of the ConGenement. You will see this in the new Chapter of the webcomic series, Gates.

So here’s a few updates:


Chapter 2 has begun, and it promises to deliver some Heavy Metal Magazine esque things that you didn’t see in Chapter 1. See guys I’m a lover (and a fighter), I like foreplay, I just don’t jump into the wild thang and get busy. It’s all about pacing.

So chapter 2 promises;






So get ready because Gates is all grown up and life is about to get KA-RAZAY!!!!!

PUBLISHING SCHEDULE: ALSO, remember, Gates the comic will be updated with new pages every Tuesday and new articles and other art, info and more will be updated every Tuesday and Saturday. So 3 updates a week and more can come on any given day…



Well, I don’t even know where to begin.This has been an AMAZING RIDE! The first thing that was amazing was that Scott Hunter, was named director of the project. He is heading up the organization of the project and has the expertise to produce the soundtrack. He’s been awesome to work with and has been a great partner and a great friend.

Secondly, we got the green light from Dean @ Niji Entertainment, to create a soundtrack dedicated to Ronnie James Dio. 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to Ronnie James Dio’s Cancer Foundation from the sale of the soundtrack.

Some AMAZING, AMAZING!!! BANDS have submitted their work…unfortunately not all were able to be put on the soundtrack right now, but I have some great songs for future volumes—AND the ones we chose are awesome. There are some amazing acts that will be on the soundtrack and it looks to be amazing.

An announcement on the band selection will be coming soon. So stay tuned.



I’m really excited about this. There is an APP in the works for iphone, android and ipad. The basic idea is that it will be an enhanced, interpretation of the comic with a cinematic feel. I’m trying to keep the true essence of a comic, without the awkward animation that can sometimes happen in animated webcomics. This is more of an enhancement of the story than anything, told in a new way so you really can feel it.

We’re in testing and User interface design phase right now so more to come as we develop the app. I’ll be working with an awesome company called Dopple Games to make this happen!

And there are more things in the works but a little premature to discuss…

BUT lots of good things are happening.

More to come!And thank you all who have been following the comic since it’s launch and hello and welcome to all of you who are here for the first time! I am very grateful for you all and hope to give you a great story that you will enjoy reading and being a part of as much as I am making it and presenting it to you.