On Monday July 18th, I was part of a really cool panel hosted by DigitalLA at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood.

The room was jam packed with people and the panel was loaded with really awesome people who were on top of their game in the digital space when it comes to comic books.

It was very Marvel, DC and Indie flavored.

The goal was to discuss how comics and comic book characters are part of an overall entertainment franchise, including animation, games, movies, iPad apps, web series, and promotion via social media. We focused on this and all of the aspects of brand awareness and different variations of media platforms companies and independent creators are using to get their ideas to the masses. Just days before comic con in San Diego it was fun to get together and learn form and meet some amazing new peers who share the same passion for this industry as I do.

The Speakers Were:

– Thomas Jane, (and his adorable little daughter), actor (Hung, Punisher), Founder / President of Raw Studios (comics and graphic novels publisher with Tim Bradstreet) @thomasjane


Todd Stashwick and Dennis Calero, creators of Devil Inside, an asskicking webcomic.


– TQ Jefferson, Marvel Entertainment, VP of Production, Games @Marvel


– David Uslan, Graphicly, VP of Business Development @graphicly; formerly at Branded Entertainment and ICM


– Dan Fraga, Director of Ricky Gervais show, illustrator on MTV’s Hard Times of RJ Berger animated sequences, former comic book artist for Marvel (Wolverine), DC (Superman), Image (Witchblade) @fragaboom


– Joelle Sellner, writer, Marvel Digital Holiday Issue, DC Comics Cartoon Network Action Pack. TV/animation: Avengers, Teen Titans, Jackie Chan Adventures @whereisjoelle


– Caroline Hu, Creative Director, Warner Bros. Consumer Products/Animation


– Bob Wayne, sales, for DC Comics


and last but not least…

– (ME) Hal Hefner, artist, writer and creator of Heavy Metal Magazine’s first online comic, Gates @gatesthecomic @halhefner


The moderator was Kevin Winston of Digital LA @DigitalLA @kevinwinston


It was a great night and I got to be exposed to a lot of great people doing some cool things. So here we go…


1) Devil Inside wecomic rocked. It’s going to be big and the creators, Todd Stashwick and Dennis Calero are doing an amazing job with it. I see this on TV and in my living room with real actors and an awesome new show that doesn’t suck. Fuck Glee, I want me some Devil Inside–which is a story about when the Devil get tired of being the Devil and calls it quits–and goes on the run in human form.

Check it out…I am going to be following these guys for sure!

These guys need and deserve our support.

2) Thomas Jane is a cool dude and Raw Studios is about to kick ass. I was the first introduction and of course dropped an F-Bomb, while Thomas Jane’s daughter was sitting there. She immediately called out, ” $1 – ONE DOLLAR!” It was funny and perfectly timed. And yes I gave her the dollar! I think they are about ready to blow up in a bug way with some new titles and some other fun things. Can’t wait to hear what happens next. My eyes will be on these guys too!

3) Graphic.ly is about to become the leading publisher of digital comics by being super innovative and embracing the fan feedback and transmedia opportunities that await all franchises. They are going to give a hub for the independat creator to compete with and rub elbows with the big dogs like Marvel, DC and more.

The audience was filled with up and coming comic stars and representatives from cool companies like deviantART to Comicbooked.com as well as Disney, Paramount and more. It was a great event and I was honored to be a part of it. David Uslan was an awesome guy and really explained the cool things that graphic.ly was about to do and in the process of doing right now. This company gets it and I’m excited to see where things are heading.

You can watch the panel in parts on TechZulu.com