As an artist, a geek and a guy who takes a lot of pride in my hard work, I have been honored and humbled again by deviantART.


In celebration of their 11th anniversary, dA, selected one of my paintings as one of their all time favorites. Check it out!

So first and foremost, I wanted to thank the awesome staff at deviantART who have been wonderful supporters of my work.  They have been so kind to me and its an honor to be selected from a group as vast  and talented as the worldwide network of deviants. It’s a great honor to be selected. Thank you.

Here is the image is of SOLOMAN, in stasis…living…waiting to be awakened.

I appreciate this selection so much because personally this is one of my own favorite pieces of my artwork I have ever done.  It’s usually a piece that zips under the radar but to me it is the epitome of what Gates is all about and sums up a battle between technology and the organic as a cold humanoid being. As Gates the webcomic and the franchise itself progresses in all of its forms, Soloman will become in my eyes, (but they are partial) one of the coolest, most original villains in a long time.

Below he awaits you and he thanks deviantART too for the love!