Hal Hefner, yeah that’s me, made an Appearance on the G-Spot where I talked about Gates, my webcomic and the soundtrack where all of the proceeds go to the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Foundation, that just came out.

I had the pleasure of doing  what tuned about to be a really cool podcast called the best name ever...THE G-Spot. How ironic, a Hefner on the G-Spot. Yep, good times.

The G-Spot is actually a cool show that’s hosted by Joseph Matheny of the famous groundbreaking Transmedia ARG (Alternate Reality Game) , The Incunabula Papers: Ong’s Hat and many more very cool counter culture Transmedia campaigns. Joe is a writer, CTO, inventor and so much more…who enjoys testing the bounds of reality in an intellectually stimulating way. He is joined by his beautiful and talented co-host, Julietta Randall, who is the drumming vixen and lead singer of the band Rusty Eye.  The same ass-kicking band, RUSTY EYE, also on the Gates soundtrack.

Since my comic Gates, is very different from a lot of the webcomics and comics in general out there due to its topics like, conspiracy theories, modern myths and the social, economical and biological unrest of modern day Earth, it seemed like a great fit for this show.

It was fun to talk with them about the concept of Gates, the themes behind it, the soundtrack and more. So please check it out and have a listen. Joe and Julie are very cool people with a lot to say and most importantly they enjoy life.

You can download it here as well.