Giorgio Tsoukalos has arisen to mythical status with his participation on the show Ancient Aliens, that is produced by and airs on the History Channel. Currently in production is the much awaited Season 4 of the show, Ancient Aliens. Giorgio Tsoukalos is again starring as an ancient theoritical expert discussing his ideas on Gods, human history and the possibilities of extra terrestrial or advanced species intervention with our past.

Tsoukalos is a pretty fun guy who sports a wonderful quaff of hair and tends to look very tanned. With the popularity of Ancient Aliens and the fun demeanor of Giorgio Tsoukalos, we decided to have a little fun with a promotional video for the comic book, Gates.  In August we launched a soundtrack of up and coming bands from multiple genres, to accompany the comic book. This soundtrack is dedicated to the Ronnie James Dio, Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund. 100% of the proceeds are dedicated to this cause. And in October of 2011, we created a fun video, spoofing Giorgio Tsoukalos and Ancient Aliens in an effort to have some fun with a dark subject such as cancer and in hopes, to promote the soundtrack so we can donate a ton of money in the name of Ronnie James Dio, Hal Hefner, Gates the comic book and Heavy Metal Magazine.

It made sense to utilize this show and this man because Gates has some ancient alien theories that for the foundation of some of its themes, such as the Vril and the underground society of Vril.

Please enjoy the video below and share it. Please share it with Giorgio himself as he has yet to notice it and or recognize it. His and your support would make a HUGE difference for a great cause.