As person who was born with the last name Hefner, what can I say except that I LOVE women! It was my destiny to draw and write about hot girls…as well as science fiction when you factor in the first name (Hal) as well. And since I do write and illustrate Gates, Heavy Metal’s first online comic, in my own head all of these delusions of grandeur make me the perfect outsider to rank Marvel’s blistering babes of beauty.

So I took it upon my opinionated self to sit back, relax and rank the hotties of the Marvel Universe. Since the new 52 arrived for DC I have really not payed attention to what is going on there, so it was best that I chose to look at Marvel and their lineup of super sexy hot villains and super heroines.  I know them well having grown up with them and in all honesty my loyalties rest more-so with Marvel than DC…even though Marvel supports SOPA. So at this point in time I am boycotting both Marvel and DC comics and my only way to discuss them is through an online beauty pageant.

As for this beauty pageant list of Marvel’s hottest chicks, the qualifications were pretty simple. Hot bodies, hot faces, hot powers and sexiness.

It was a difficult process narrowing down who should be included on this list of Marvel’s beauty queens. However I HAD to make a choice. Unfortunately some of Marvel’s girls had to be left off, like Polaris and Namora to name a couple. And it was a difficult decision ranking these  hotties as well.

But I managed to do it…So without further delay, here are my choices for Marvel’s 15 Hottest Women.


15) Psylocke = Betsy Braddock
Purple hair, an amazing body and enchanted by Merlin, imagine the  things she could do to a man.


14) Rogue = Anna Marie (full name unknown) 
A southern girl with lots of spunk, Rogue is so hot you can’t even touch her…or you’ll get your life sucked out of you.


13) Dagger = Tandy Bowen 
The girl is sexy in that whitey tighty outfit and can throw light daggers that do everything from cure drug addiction to forcing people to confront their own demons.


12) Tigra =  Greer Nelson
What man would not want to get nasty with a cat woman? Grrrrr


11) Mystique = Raven Darkholme
Blue skin, amazing body and to top it off can shape-shift into anything. She would make an interesting one night stand


10) She-Hulk = Jennifer Walters
Big green and sexy, what man wouldn’t wanted to be dominated by this hot hero?


9) Scarlet Witch = Wanda Maximoff
A crazy sorceress who is into sex with androids. She might make for a fun night that only Clive Barker could dream about.

scarlet witch

8 ) Black Widow = Natasha Romanova
Sleek, sexy and dressed in skin tight black leather, this is one Russian babe who could paint your town red very quickly.


7) Ms. Marvel = Carol Danvers
Ms. Marvel is one sexy alcoholic who looks to be a real warrior in the bedroom.


6) Black Cat = Felicia Hardy
She is a sleek and sexy ex-catburgler with a body to die for but Spider Man chose Lindsey Lohan like Mary Jane Watson instead? WTF?

black cat

5) Elektra = Elektra Natchios 
Elektra is one Greek Goddess Assassin who can rock your world with her ass kicking moves.


4) Storm = Ororo Munro
An African priestess with a bangin’ body, a beautiful booty, white hair and can rock a mohawk better than Grace Jones, Storm is a “thunderous” babe.


3) Phoenix = Jean Grey
As Marvel Girl, Jean Grey was cute. But as Phoenix she was diabolically delicious, especially the darker she got.


2) Spider Woman = Jessica Drew
This curvaceous black haired she-arachnid is ass-kickingly beautiful in a Jaclyn Smith in her prime type of way.


1) The White Queen = Emma Frost 
Emma frost is as sexy and sultry as any comic book seductress can get. Her cold chill cannot does nothing to defrost her hotness. Her inner battle with good and evil only makes her hotter.


All characters are Copyright of the Marvel Universe. Their images and information are found on the official Marvel Web Page, that has character bios and anything and everything you desire to know about the Marvel Universe.

Thank you Marvel for creating these hot babes! BUT I’m very disappointed in YOU for supporting SOPA. Maybe if you were a little quicker at embracing understanding and innovating the digital space, you wouldn’t have to support SOPA. Blame yourself not others.