If you love Heavy Metal then you know who Moebius is.

And if you don’t know who Moebius, please let me enlighten you.

MOEBIUS =  Jean Henri Gaston Giraud

Jean Henri Gaston Giraud has earned worldwide fame as an innovator and creative genius under the pseudonym Moebius. Back in the 1970’s Moebius was involved in the creation of Metal Hurlant.

Arzak was a psychedelic comic of surreal weirdness with a sci-fi meets spaghetti western twist  from the 1970’s, created by Moebius for sci-fi/fantasy comics magazine Metal Hurlant. In the United States, Metal Hurlant became, Heavy Metal Magazine.

Arzak is said to be the inspiration for the lastsegment, “Taarna” from the 1981 animated cult classic, Heavy Metal.

Rhapsody is designed and directed by Jean Giraud / Moebius and is co-produced with Wolfland Pictures and the Carrere Group . It is an animated comic that is filled with coolness and is a pleasure to watch. If you love sci-fi comics, this will thrill you and utterly confuse you at times but that’s the best part.

Below you will find the entire collection of Rhapsody videos that were posted on YouTube. They are in Spanish, which actually gives it a very cool feel adding to the allure of this timeless classic. This si the kind of nerd stuff I love to share as this comic and Moebius himself are Huge inspirations on me, heavy Metal Magazine and of course, Gates the epic sci-fi comic I create for Heavy Metal Magazine.

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


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