I recently was introduced to a very well done webcomic called The Concrete World.


Written by Gavin Hignight, The Concrete World is a science fiction comic book, telling the story of three kindred spirits, Felix, Sera and Paulie. They are brought together in a cyberpunk world drawn by up and coming artist, Jettila Lewis. In Hignight’s epic world, these three characters are linked by their addiction to the VR technology called DREAMtech, which is altogether wonderful, powerful…and very dangerous.  DREAMtech can give them everything they’ve always desired, but it could also take everything they have, including their very lives!


Felix, Sera and Paulie traipse the forever-night of this neon, smoke filled virtual world in search for the mythical program called the Black Ivory.  In this world, freedom is the new drug.

The comic itself is installed in (6 page) updates monthly. It’s a pretty fun read and the art is really cool. It’s definitely one of the best webcomics out there in my opinion.  It explores the realities we could be facing in the very near future, in the same vein as Gates, the comic I write and illustrate and is currently being presented online by Heavy Metal Magazine.  This is very much a Heavy Metal like comic and I could envision this story in the magazine some day as well.

I highly recommend the Concrete World. Check it out!