Heavy Metal Magazine, Hal Hefner and Kevin Bryce…a pretty great combo when mixed in with Fes and his webcomic focused podcast, the Webcomic Beacon!

Hal Hefner (me) creator of the webcomic Gates, joins musical artist  Kevin Bryce, Fes Works and Melissa Kaercher  of the GeekLife podcast, talk about HEAVY METAL Magazine

This podcast was an in depth look at the movie, the history of Heavy Metal Magazine and the future of the new movie. It also includes a discussion of the magazine and the original Heavy Metal movie, the Gates soundtrack and more.

We also talk about Hal’s science fiction webcomic, presented by Heavy Metal, Gates. The Gates webcomic has an eclectic musical soundtrack for it, and Kevin Bryce is on the soundtrack. Kevin also performed two live digital, musical interludes for this episode of The Webcomic Beacon!

Hal goes in depth discussing the future of Gates and how the evolving multi-platform story narrative will continue to grow in 2012 as new projects begin to arise in the Gates universe. Very exciting stuff, exclusively dicussed on the BEACON!

Check it out!