congenement logo wyrdcon 300x300 YOU can be a character in the GATES Alternate Reality Event at Wyrdcon

In my last article, I detailed the new directions I was pushing the Gates franchise–beyond comic book format.

AT WYRD CON–On June 23rd, starting at 11:59pm–the doors of Room 1&2 of the Newport building, the of the Orange County Hilton, in Costa Mesa, CA…will open and a new interactive piece of storytelling in the Gates universe–will begin.

For those of you that have read the Gates comic book on this website (if you haven’t read it, you should), you will have some kind of idea of what this event might be. In the story there is a devious governmental system that rules over Gates and his colony–called the ConGenement. The word ConGenement derives from three words: Controlled + Genetic + Management.

So since the comic book of Gates is rooted deep within an undefined time in the future, the scenario we are playing with at this event takes place NOW.

The event will explore the beginnings of the ConGenement, it’s ideals, it’s secrets and it’s education and recruitment of members. But its beginnings are a much different experience than shown in the comic book.

This event is an hour long end of the night celebration and inspirational meditation that will take you an a ride enhanced by visuals, music and themes to challenge your questioning of reality.

Well all in all, that part will be revealed to you upon your arrival at the event.  It’s a secret so to speak. But if you would like to be, you can become an official member of the ConGenement and be entrenched in Gates lore and the foundation of the story. Sure you can cosplay Star Wars and the Justice League, but this event allows people to be themselves and really be a living, breathing incarnation of the story.

Well it’s just like it sounds. It’s basically a theatrical form of entertainment where you forget your real life at the door, become a little kid again and jump into a predicated fantasy world where you are a character partaking in the theater.  You are am actor, a playor or just a participant. You decide your level of action.

ARG events often distort reality and this one is certainly in that realm.


Controlled Genetic Management: The Path to Ascension takes place at a convention called Wyrd Con.  

Wyrd Con is a live role playing game event rooted in everything from ancient myths to modern life. At Wyrd Con there is something for everyone and it will allow you to get your freak hat on–or not.

WHEN:  Saturday, June 23, 2012 11:59 PM – Sunday, June 24, 2012 1:00 AM (Pacific Time)

WHERE: Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa - 3050 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, (714) 540-7000
ROOM LOCATION: Newport 1 &2

WHERE TO REGISTER: The Wyrdcon Website

As a Fan you can become a living participant in the Gates universe by taking part in this event!


A day pass for this Event is $45.oo. 


It is a special code, good for 10% off badges by letting them know that you are coming to be a part of the Gates universe.


Come and join us…and demand a better future!


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