Sunday, July 1st, 2012 brings with it, a lot of hope and some seriously exciting things.

Today I, Hal Hefner humbly, and officially begin a new stage of development that has been in the works for quite some time.

But now, today 7/1–I make it official. Gates the, free web based comic book, that has been running on this website since 2011, has concluded with the end of Chapter 2.  As of now I have stopped production on the Gates comic book series. I left it in a well calculated cliffhanger so that I may continue it, at the right time and in the right media.

Right media?

Yes, right media. By that I mean that there are other options I would like to explore. These will be revealed in due time, but at the moment, my focus has shifted…to…

INSAP bkgd promo 1024x792 Transmedia eBOOK Production Journal: Entry 1  I Never Sausage A Place


If you are a regular on my website, and have been a fan of the Gates comic book, the news above may disappoint you.

But fear not.

I am embarking on a new journey–IN THE GATES UNIVERSE.

Did you ever wonder, who the hell the ConGenement were? What is the Vril? How did humanity end up in this oppressive, Dystopian world in which Gates finally has escaped from?

Well, your answers are coming.


What the hell is “I Never Sausage a Place?” You must be thinking… Well if you look closely, in the graphic above, there is a sign, with a Pepsi symbol on it. This sign is very pertinent to the story, hence it is the title–and a fitting title it will be.  The market that this sign resides on, is also an integral part of the story…the story of Holden Gates.

INSAP is how I NEVER SAUSAGE A PLACE will be abbreviated from now on… IT is the next chapter in the Gates universe.

It is a recipe for fun and exploration.

It starts where the story first began, in a small town in upstate New York in the year 1987.

Add in real life strangeness and then combine conspiracy theories, a big hunk of science fiction and mystery with a pinch of romance, and mix it into a bowl with some high stakes adventure and you have the recipe for  I NEVER SAUSAGE A PLACE.



Yes, I am calling this Transmedia because I have no other word to describe this project at this time. It is a multi-platform, multi-media based story that I intend to bring to life using every aspect of my creative reach.

INSAP, is going to be produced in eBOOK form, and will be loaded with full color illustrations, photos and embedded videos that will enhance the mood and feel of the story, with multiple areas for engagement and outreach into the vast netherworlds of the Gates universe. So…let’s recap:

eBOOK + embedded video + Full Color Illustrations + Photos = I NEVER SAUSAGE A PLACE

In addition to this I will also be launching some fan based Transmedia tentacles that will be revealed in due time. My main goal is to bring the entire Gates universe, into a robust, living breathing form of storytelling that has a unique delivery for the viewer/reader/consumer etc.  All of my favorite books have made me sad because I finished the book, or  left me wanting more, imagining how things might unfold. Well I want to give more extensions at the end of the book–some easy to find, other hidden like easter eggs, to pull you further and further down the rabbit hole.


I am doing something quite different from when I developed the Gates comic book. As I create this eBOOK and bring it to life, I will be documenting my journey. All of my accomplishments, setbacks, mistakes and other odd tid bits I will be running into, will be documented, right here on this website for all to see.  My goal is to educate others so that you may learn from my mistakes, as well as to join me on the journey and hopefully have a hand in participating in creating your own little chasm of this exciting world that will be familiar, yet very alien.

I will try and update my Production Journal on a daily basis but such is life, it may end up happening when I have the time. I’m a busy beaver but I promise to try and keep this updated everywhere I go.

I will be continiuing to document my journey particularly on a few select social networks as well, each site will vary in content, which are as follows:





So please join me on my journey as I take the world of Gates to a whole new level, and I really am excited to have everyone join along!

Also feel free to reach out to me at and please make sure to sign up for the Gates mailing list, listed on the very top left hand column of the website!











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