7/2/12 was one of those days that I just wanted to punch myself in the face. I really wanted to knock out some template design for the official website, I Never Sausage A Place. Now my thinking for this site is that I want it to have a kind of Blog like feel…I wanted it to be able to read a little magazine, blog like and less like some corporate monster.

So, I decided to go with WordPress because it allows people like me who have no idea how to write or read code, the ability to create my own website and customize it.  So if you plan to build your own website for your own project, I highly recommend installing WordPress. It has a really solid content management system (CMS) that is pretty simple to use, even for the less advanced web development explorer. You can literally go as basic as you want or as complicated as you want by downloading thousands of free templates to customize and play with.

For an example, the Gates comic book website is a free WordPress template created specifically for comics called ComicPress. I then just edited this template to feel like the tone I was going for which was dark, science fiction. What I couldn’t figure out by myself, I luckily had was able to get some help from my pal Chad Kukahiko and his company, Superfreako Designs.

It drives me nuts when I waste time…and sometimes messing around with WordPress templates all day can drive you insane. You can try tons of things and it will have one little thing off that will drive you insane. Then you abort the template and your time that you put into goes ”Up in Smoke,” like a Cheech and Chong movie.  Transmedia eBOOK Production Journal: Entry 2    wordpress website building

So be prepared to feel restless and annoyed for a few days, or weeks until you get it right. BUT remember, sometimes you just have to move on. Getting a little distance from the template and all of the crazy things associated with it, can drive you in the right direction after your mind relaxes a bit.

I’m doing it right now. Taking that step away. The good thing is that I’m not in a rush to get the site finished but I had the urge today to get up and tinker with this.

I come from a design background, working as a graphic designer and art director when I first moved to Los Angeles. I worked in the advertising industry and in my lifetime I have made hundreds of ads. Most of them for magazines. I did do some web design as well and I also really understand user interface design and want things to be really easy to work with. So I was actually considering, forming a company with a friend of mine that we wanted to call Omega Mind.  My friend has since dropped off the canvas for a minute on a “vision quest”, so needless to say, this also went “Up in Smoke,” like a Cheech and Chong movie.

Before things stalled, I actually comped out a page that would be my main portal page. I wanted a lot of control as I eventually plan on turning this over to a developer who could code the portal, that would allow people to get the entire feel for the Gates universe and navigate directly to all of the story portals.

Here was a mockup I designed a few months ago.

OM Web Comp 1 450x1024 Transmedia eBOOK Production Journal: Entry 2    wordpress website building

Gates Portal Comp November 2011

So in order to get this where I need it to be, I purchased something called Thesis, which is a customizable wordprerss template builder. It is pretty cool but I just scratched the surface of it…and I have yet to get into the backend stuff. But it’s really awesome and I’m excited to play with it


The company I purchased it from has a ton of tutorials, even ones on  how to install Thesis, through GoDaddy ’s back backend.

I’ll keep you posted as to how it comes along…


By the end of the day…I had settled on a template..for now. It needs a lot of work, but all in all, it’s not that bad. I knew one thing for sure, is that I need to have this sign in there…BUT I need to edit it, and make it more friendly to the legal system, like editing out the Pepsi logo.  The cool thing is that this is a real sign. When I left my home town in 1999, this was the last picture I took. It resides on the village market in the small town of upstate NY–which is where the story takes place, in 1987.

And here is the EOD progress of template testing…Nothing to write home about, but progress has been made at the least. It takes patience and persistence when you are a one man production team.

hal Hefner Never Sausage a Place banner Transmedia eBOOK Production Journal: Entry 2    wordpress website building




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