crow tribe 300x281 Transmedia eBOOK Production Journal   Entry 6: Transmedia LA TribeFINDING MY TRIBE:
This week I spent a lot of time with Los Angeles’ Transmedia folks. From hanging out at Fourth Wall Studios, to learning, mingling and having fun with the gang at a Tuesday night Transmedia event located at USC.

There is something to be said for the phrase, “birds of a feather, flock together.”  It is a very true statement in many ways. I think it definitely applies to all things in life but most importantly a person’s career. If you’re not chasing your passion or working in a place that you like or with people you like–my advice is to leave and find your “kind of people” to work with.

In addition to my illustration and design career here in Los Angeles, CA, I’ve also spent many years as a recruiter for the tech, creative, advertising, marketing and PR industries.  When you know exactly what you are staffing because you have personal experience in it, it makes you better than the other goombas doing the same thing.

So the advice I always give people, is find a company to work for that does what you love, when you’re NOT working. For example, if you like cupcakes and you design websites, well find a company that specializes in food and or try approaching your favorite cupcake places to see if you can help them.

My point is this: FIND YOUR TRIBE

And this can either be a social “tribe” to chill with…or a “working tribe”.

But finding a tribe to gel with is important for many reasons and here are a few.

1) These are the people that share the same hobbies, love and passions as you.

2) They can teach you more about what you love and want to know.

3) They can open new doors for you in areas you may not know of currently.

4) Synergy with like-minded folks is priceless.


global 49304481 Transmedia eBOOK Production Journal   Entry 6: Transmedia LA TribeTRANSMEDIA LA:
I have a couple of tribes I belong to. Transmedia LA is one that I am pretty happy with.

I am on the board of directors for a very cool group in Los Angeles, CA that organizes monthly meetups that focus on Transmedia Storytelling. It’s a really awesome group of human beings, and a very talented core of folks who have loads of experience to offer and are kind and willing to help anyone who asks.

TMLA was originally started in 2009 by Scott Walker, founder of Shared , Tara Brown and Jay Bushman. These three individuals form the core group of intellects and story lovers who have welcomed me into the Transmedia space with open arms.  Through Scott and Tara I have met some AMAZING people and I have learned a ton of things.  Jay Bushman, was very instrumental in introducing the founders of Fourth Wall Studios to me–a place I currently work as a contract recruiter, 3 days a week.

I am the Transmedia LA Community Director, meaning I greet folks when they sign up and at meetups and try and help people mingle with others who could help their careers. In this role I have been to some amazing events and I’ve met some awesome people that have helped me out greatly.

 Join us if you are in the LA area!


My art tells stories. I write stories and I live life like it is one big story…so I sought out storytellers and found Transmedia LA.

I have always felt like I was more of a storyteller than just a comic book artist, comic book writer or illustrator.  I hate labeling myself anything as it limits you and I always feel uncomfortable calling myself anything as I feel I disrespect the other talents by not mentioning them.

I’m at home with other storytellers.


From Transmedia LA I found Storyworld! 2011. A very cool convention that is like one big Meetup that brings the best transmedia folks around the world together, in one building for three days. It’s cool, it’s fun and I met so many great people…from Rich Silverman to Brian Clark. These are good people.  Smart people.

It is happening in LA this year…and the leading minds in Transmedia from the entertainment industry including game developers, publishers, film, television and marketing executives, as well as indie producers and content creators. This is the place to learn about what and what not to do and strengthen your story as well as make connections, forge new partnerships and plant the seeds for future collaborations.

It fuckin’ rocks!

If you want to do something creative to tell your story…this is the place to go.



1) I’m a lucky guy because I have found my tribe of transmedia enthusiasts, creators and nerds to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with and LEARN FROM!

2) I’m a lucky guy because I have met some really talented people over the last year through this transmedia tribe. They have extremely helpful and influential in my life and creative direction. It’s something to be grateful for.

3) Health brings happiness and happiness is even better when you live your life following your passion.





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