Gates the acclaimed webcomic, first presented right here on this very website by Heavy Metal Magazine, is now on sale for the first time in printed format. Gates is now being presented in an 80+ page full color, trade paperback book that will contain additional imagery and story elements not seen in the original comic book.

When you buy the Gates trade paperback,  you in turn help create something special, an event, that spawns from the very pages of this comic book.

The sales of Gates will be used as the next phase of storytelling for the Serpent Seed universe, the larger universe that Gates belongs to. This event, called UNTHINKABLE COMPLEXITY, will explore the future through the eyes of the technocult, the ConGenement and the ancestors of Gates in true Heavy Metal style, cyberpunk fashion. To Learn More about the event, please check out our Indiegogo page.

Gates will be printed in limited edition format, specifically in two iterations, including one special edition book that offer fans of the webcomic, the ability to own a one of a kind sketch in their book.

You can also purchase a t-shirt, in specific purchasing packages.

Hal Hefner Gates the comic heavy metal magazine

Gates will be available for a limited time only. Get your special copy now through this 30 day Indiegogo campaign being used to expand the Gates universe and bring the comic into the modern world of Los Angeles in 2014, in cyberpunk fashion.

Your time runs out on MAY 8, 2014 and once these copies are gone they are gone. So please buy yours now before they sell out! Thank you so much for your continued support of Gates!

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