Fans of the comic book, Gates, Heavy Metal Magazine’s first online comic are in for a treat of epic, experiential proportions.

Since the comic book finished its run in webcomic form, in April of 2012, I have been hard at work, transforming this series into its next iterations. In the production bin right now are more webcomics, a motion comic book series on Madefire and all sorts of additional story outshoots that reach out across multiple medias and platforms. Gates belongs to a larger universe called the Serpent Seed, and it is a transmedia franchise with story tentacles that expand to many medias and platforms.

The first official new project tied to the Gates universe is actually an event based experience. In May of 2014, I along with a fantastic group of storytellers will be hosting an immersive, cosplay, cyberpunk themed event called UNTHINKABLE COMPLEXITY. This event will be rooted in the world set forth by the Gates comic book, and the ideals of the ConGenement as they stand poised to strike, in today’s world—yet eyeing the future.


thumbs_3354-w-gibson“Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts… A graphic representation of data abstracted from banks of every computer in the human system. Unthinkable complexity. Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data.” –William Gibson, Neuromancer


Inspired by the above phrase by William Gibson, author of the book Neuromancer and Cyberpunk pioneer, UNTHINKABLE COMPLEXITY  is a CYBERPUNK themed event honoring the intersection of technological prowess and raw humanity. Music, Cosplay and Performance frame a transformational experience that engages the mind, body and soul beyond reality. Fashion and future collide to forge an immersive, costumed experience.

We are at the dawn of a cyberpunk world and the concept is to usher in the future with an event that involves art, dance, music, storytelling and virtual reality technology.

Because of the scale of the event we would like to produce, we have created an indiegogo campaign that will help us do the great things we imagine if we raise the funds we are looking for.

We are currently building the infrastructure of a very unique event that we hope to become an annual celebration that can then be experienced worldwide.

Transmedia LA has teamed with Wyrd Con 5 and Hal Hefner’s  Catmonkey studios to create its first transmedia production: UNTHINKABLE COMPLEXITY – an immersive, cyberpunk, cosplay event on May 24, 2014, in Los Angeles, celebrating the unthinkable complexity of human potential. This event is based within the world of the Serpent Seed, which launched it’s first story for that world right here on this website, Gates, presented by Heavy Metal Magazine.

The event will consist of several unique facets.

Attendees are required to dress in cyberpunk-inspired attire. As we are currently entering the cyberpunk era, this is easy, but we can’t wait to see where your imagination takes this!

Expect cyberpunk-inspired electronic dance music and in-world theatrical performances.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments will quench your thirst and set your frequency for your future path (You must be 18 to enter, 21 to consume alcohol).

Virtual reality experiences, real-time social media integration, video projection, music, performance artists, and more surprises will keep everyone entertained and celebrating the ‘unthinkable complexity’ of the future. This event will be experienced across multiple platforms, so this is an opportunity to physically join an evolving narrative experience.

Your contribution could make this event happen. As little as $5 helps! We also would love more than anything, if you could be there.

We have discounted event tickets on sale now on our indiegogo page for $10 off their initial price! 

Please share this event and help us create a fun, cyberpunk celebration.



Gates the acclaimed webcomic, first presented by cult favorite Heavy Metal Magazine, is now on sale for the first time in printed format. Gates is an 80+ page full color, trade paperback book that will contain additional imagery and story elements not seen in the original comic book.

When you buy this book you in turn help us create this event, which will then be used as the next phase of storytelling for the Serpent Seed universe. The future will be explored through the ConGenement and the ancestors of Gates.

Gates will be printed in limited edition format in two iterations, including one deluxe edition that offer its fans the ability to own a personalized/one of a kind sketch in their book and a t-shirt, in specific purchasing packages.

Gates will be available for a limited time only. Get your special copy now through this 30 day Indiegogo campaign being used to expand the Gates universe and bring the comic into the modern world of Los Angeles in 2014, in cyberpunk fashion.

Once these copies are gone they are gone. So please buy yours now before they sell out.

Gates the comic_hal hefner_2013 - POSTER