gates The Characters

Gates is a young man in his early twenties, living a wretched existence within a small colony of humans. He has spent his entire life using his intelligence and instincts to keep his unique physiological ability hidden. He is not like the other citizens of ConGenement City who are all genetically manipulated prior to their birth. This genetic predetermination has resulted  in a very specific society, bred specifically susceptible to drugs that make them automaton like devotees to their government. Gates is derived from a secretive line of naturally conceived humans and unlike other people, Gates thinks for himself but fears execution if he questions the authority that suppresses him.

conegenement The Characters

The ConGenement are an oppressive government and religious faction that rule every facet of life within the colony. From the distribution of food and water, to the creation of life–the ConGenement knows and sees all. Through a system of closed circuit monitors throughout the industrial complex, they bombard the inhabitants with propaganda. Ruled by a predetermined circle of twelve officials referred to as the Magistrates, the ConGenement teach their citizens that life outside of the complex cannot exist because it is encased by noxious gases left by their careless and ignorant ancestors. The ConGenement encourages a clean and pure life, serving the good of the city and preach to their subjects that this will lead to reincarnation, through the Ceremony Ascension. The focal point of their existence is Ascension, which is celebrated by the death of one man and one woman and the simultaneous birth of two babies, a boy and a girl in which they are said to be reincarnated.

orwell The Characters

Orwell was Gates Learnsleep conductor  when he was a child. He introduces Gates to secrets of their society’s past that will influence Gates’ destiny.

Adria The Characters

Adria is a beautiful and intelligent young woman genetically predetermined to be a member of the ConGenement’s highest class. She’s being groomed to become a Minister of Medicine (Doctor) to avoid being drafted into the birthing program. Working her way through the system, she is a  conductor in the ConGenement Nursery Facility, where she’s currently studying. Her job is to administer the drugs and program the propaganda filled lessons known as Learnsleep– to children. Adria is a cold, devout follower of the ConGenement who is obsessed with impressing her Magistrates so that she may rise to the next level and take her place beside them.

hamon The Characters

Hamon is an upstanding member of ConGenement society who aspires to become a ConGenement Magistrate. He is the Lead Minister of Mediscientific Affairs for all of ConGenement City. When Hamon catches Gates with the old Map to the “cave of life”, the politician in him sees this as a chance for a promotion.

Kano The Characters

Kano is a stern and militant  man in his mid thirties who has given the ConGenement everything he has while fully succumbing to their propaganda. Because of aggressive, sometimes unstable behavior that can only be controlled by higher doses of medication that dulls his intelligence, Kano is a ConGenement Director whose job is to enforce ConGenement law, keep order and protect the Magistrates.

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