Gates the comic_hal hefner_2013 - POSTERGates the acclaimed webcomic, first presented by cult favorite Heavy Metal Magazine, is now on sale for the first time in printed format. Gates is an 80+ page full color, trade paperback book that will contain additional imagery and story elements not seen in the original comic book.


Gates will be printed in limited edition format in two iterations, including one deluxe edition that offer its fans the ability to own a personalized/one of a kind sketch in their book and a t-shirt, in specific purchasing packages.

Gates will be available for a limited time only. Get your special copy now through this 30 day Indiegogo campaign being used to expand the Gates universe and bring the comic into the modern world of Los Angeles in 2014, in cyberpunk fashion.

Once these copies are gone they are gone. So please buy yours now before they sell out.



GATES is a young man living a wretched existence in an isolated colony of humans. Deep within the caverns of an industrial mountain complex, his society is ruled by a totalitarian government called the ConGenement–who controls all facets of life.

The ConGenement manages the colony’s reproduction process and all people are procreated genetically susceptible to drugs that dull free thinking. Ambition-less citizens believe that life cannot exist outside of the colony’s confines and are obliviously obedient slaves to their ConGenement masters.

But Gates is special—He was conceived naturally, in secret. Unlike other citizens Gates thinks independently because his body is immune to any affects that the ConGenement regulated drugs induce. Living his life as a malfunctioning outcast, Gates has avoided ConGenement detection until recently when he is discovered by a power hungry official who has uncovered his secret. In order to stay alive Gates is forced to enter a shaky partnership that will thrust him on a quest to prove that life exists outside of the colony.