GATES is a young man living a wretched existence in an isolated colony of humans. Deep within the caverns of an industrial mountain complex, his society is ruled by a totalitarian government called the ConGenement–who controls all facets of life.

The ConGenement manages the colony’s reproduction process and all people are procreated genetically susceptible to drugs that dull free thinking. Ambition-less citizens believe that life cannot exist outside of the colony’s confines and are obliviously obedient slaves to their ConGenement masters.

But Gates is special—He was conceived naturally, in secret. Unlike other citizens Gates thinks independently because his body is immune to any affects that the ConGenement regulated drugs induce. Gates has avoided ConGenement detection until recently when he is forced into a shaky partnership with a crooked ConGenement official who has uncovered his secret. In a quest to prove that life exists outside of the colony, plans go awry and Gates and two unsuspecting participants, ADRIA and KANO, are stranded in a forbidden land that is not supposed to exist.