Gates is a massive project spanning many years. Without these various people, their skills, their support and their expertise, Gates would not be. These are some very talented people who I highly recommend as experts in their craft and I highly suggest you consider them for your needs. I am very grateful for their help.

They are the sacred CIRCLE OF METAL.

Scott Hunter is a marketer whith some serious strategy behind his every move. He’s a skilled PR expert, marketing specialist and promoter who understands the power of social networks/online, traditional, word of mouth and guerilla verticals. He is the representive of GATES to the press and his legwork and dedication have been instrumental in launching the franchise. Scott has managed some serious marketing efforts for Disney, Pixar, Sprint, UPS and AFLAC.

Chad Kukahiko is the SUPERFREAKO! and has helped me with everything from creative ideas to technical expertise in the development of the website family for GATES. He is a skilled designer, flash animator, storyteller, marketer and filmmaker. Chad is a multifaceted-multitalented man with a very bright future ahead of him.  In 2007, the Kukahiko Brothers, Denton and Chad Kukahiko founded superfreako productions. Along  with Producer Kendall Hawley they are constantly creating entertainment properties with social relevance and importance. Their company continues to  to prove you don’t need a massive budget to create pieces that look great and tell a seamless, compelling story.

In the short time since its founding, superfreako productions has produced a series of short films and trailers and is currently in post-production for the short film Carefully Descending, which was shot in December 2009 for submission to festivals in 2010/2011. superfreako productions also plans to begin principal photography for their first feature film, Ms Young, in the spring of 2011.

Declan Geraghty is a talented designer, animator and writer. Responsible for the Flash animation for Gates, Declan is a trusted friend and creative I have worked with professionally for over ten years.  He’s an amazing print expert as well as interactive designer and creator with a  load of talent who also possess a successful musical and acting background he forged in Ireland.

These guys are amazing. They shoot amazing video. Edit amazing video and bring a creative vibe, new ideas and a can do attitude. Manny Banayo, the creative force behind Kismet, is incredibly talented and inventive when it comes to graphical ideas, moods/settings, lighting and musical arrangements. Their team is top notch for all video needs, whether it’s for a wedding or for an interview for a magazine, Kismet Cinema “get it”.

gates the comic by hal hefner

Founded by Stefan Lokotch and Daniel LuVisi, SECTION 9 is a studio on the rise. Daniel LuVisi’s Last Man Standing (LMS) was a huge hit in July’s San Diego Comic-Con 2010. Published by HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE, LuVisi’ SDCC Exclusive 230-page graphic novel “bible” of the LMS universe sold out and Paramount Pictures swooped in and purchased the rights to adapt the property as a Transmedia franchise.

Set in future “Amerika,” the story follows Gabriel, a genetically engineered Paladin soldier who is framed and imprisoned in the treacherous Level-9 Prison Facility. After nine years of torture, Gabriel escapes, but as he attempts to track down the reason why he was framed, he is relentlessly pursued by dozens of highly-skilled bounty hunters.

jay company logo hal hefner gates the comic

Jay Company is a very special company that specializes in exclusive edition comics with beautiful custom covers by some of the comic industry’s brightest stars. Owned and operated by brothers Bill and Jimmy Jay, they provide their customers with unique collectible items and convention exclusive covers. The Jay boys love to publish exclusive covers featuring hot girls and are also infamous for providing fans with the best booth babes in America at conventions.

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