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If you’re like me, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, the retirement of Manny Ramirez and the NFL strike, don’t really mean much in the whole scheme of things.  But when I heard that Chinese artist Ai  Weiwei had disappeared and was being  held for something ridiculous called ‘economic crimes’. It scared me and really pissed me off and scared the shit out of me.

AND when the US and other countries poked their head in…Beijing rejected international interference in the case of the outspoken artist.



Ai Weiwei has been called the “Andy Worhol” of China. Ai’s work is currently on display at the Tate Modern museum in London.

He is a leading Chinese artist, curator, architectural designer, cultural and social commentator and most recently an activist. Ai is most well known internationally for the design of the Beijing National Stadium, more commonly known as the “Bird’s Nest”. It was the main stadium of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. From 1981 to 1993, he lived in the United States, mostly in New York, New York, doing performance art and creating conceptual art. Ai made art that commented on society by altering ready-made objects. While in New York, he studied at Parsons School of Design and began to establish a name for himself in the art community. And in 2000, he co-curated the notorious art exhibition “Fuck Off” with curator Feng Boyi in Shanghai, China.

BUT Beginning with the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Ai has emerged as one of China’s most influential bloggers and social activists, speaking out against the evils he saw from the corrupt Chinese government.  He is known for his tongue-in-cheek and sometimes vulgar social commentary, and has had frequent run-ins with Chinese authorities because of his self expression. He was particularly focused at exposing an alleged corruption scandal in the construction of Sichuan schools that collapsed during the earthquake. From this moment on he was a marked man and he even knew and hinted his “time” might be coming.

Ai probed the collapse of schools in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, looked into a Shanghai high-rise fire last November that killed dozens, and says police beat him when he tried to testify on behalf of another activist in 2009. He kept pressing their buttons and wanted people to join him, help him and recognize what he saw. But like “sheep” many turned their cheeks and kept grazing in the grass of ignorance.

The son of a poet revered by China’s early Communist leaders, Ai was a thorn in the government’s side–and now he is missing. Detained. And many fear that he will never be heard from again.



China has warned the international community it has “no right to interfere” in the case of the outspoken artist who has been detained for the investigation of unspecified economic crimes.

This my friends is the “beauty” of communism at work. THE CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY IS EVIL! They are truly, “Big Brother”

Western governments and rights groups have lined up in support of Ai but Beijing signaled it would not tolerate criticism from abroad.

“Ai Weiwei is under investigation on suspicion of economic crimes,” Hong told reporters during a briefing, refusing to comment on the nature of the alleged crimes. Refusing to acknowledge the stupidity of his statement. “It has nothing to do with human rights or freedom of expression,” he said, in the first official Chinese comment on Ai’s case.

Yeah and my sperm had nothing to do with my creating my children.

“Other countries have no right to interfere,” added Hong, and then he later refused to answer further queries on Ai and abruptly cut the briefing short when the questions came flying at him.

Ai is the latest of dozens of activists and government critics that have been kidnapped and rounded up following online calls for demonstrations in China to emulate the “Jasmine” protests that have rocked the Arab world recently.

The United States, France, Germany and Britain have joined Amnesty International and other groups in calling for Ai’s release, with Jon Huntsman, the US ambassador, defending the artist in a Shanghai speech on Wednesday. Huntsman  sternly saluted Ai, jailed Nobel peace laureate Liu Xiaobo and others who he said,  “challenge the Chinese government to serve the public in all cases and at all times”.

China typically uses charges such as subversion to put away government critics, as it did in Liu’s case. The Chinese government has also previously used accusations of various economic crimes such as tax-related offenses to silence others and detain them as well.



It means we need to wake up.It means that when you think for yourself and question authority you will be silenced–in China. THE CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY = BIG BROTHER

That is Communism.

That is wrong.

For caring about people, the world and his surroundings–this man will most likely die or at least never see daylight again.

That’s wrong.

Where would we be if the America silenced our artists? Could it happen here?

Well in essence they already have. They just do it in a more cunning way in America. They jam vapid, ignorant stupidity down our throat to keep us from thinking for ourselves. Especially when it comes to television and music.

Ask yourself when the last time you heard a politically charged song questioning the government?

A song that spoke out against war?

A song that spoke out against an unjust act of American politics?

None you say? Well you are correct.

Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Pink Floyd–never again.

Now we have the Kardashians, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Survivor, The Biggest Loser, Ke$ha, Madonna, The Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, Jay-Z…and on and on and on.

What do these people bring to the table intellectually? NOTHING!

What do these people say artistically? NOTHING

Yet they pollute the American public with garbage and a man who cared, had a message, spoke out against unjust–he is rotting in a Chinese prison. And “the Situation” is alive and free and making money for being an orange skinned douchebag!

It’s unfair. And as a person who has worked my ass off to achieve even the slightest goal I’ve attained—sit here and watch these vapid fools such as the Dallas Cowboys, Dez Bryant go into almost a million dollars worth of debt–ON JEWELRY! It makes me sick. It makes me sick because type of garbage is in the public eye, people like him are shaping our youth. People like him–not Ai Weiwei.

If the US had any balls they’d offer up the Kardashians, Lady Gaga, Lindsy Lohan, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rianna and the entire NFL and those pieces of shit on the Jersey Shore in exchange for Ai Weiwei’s freedom!



China has warned the international community it has “no right to interfere”:

Well guess what Chinese Communist Party… THIS IS WRONG!!!!!

I am doing research now on what kind of movement I can partake in to interfere and try and free Ai. I will keep everyone posted on any news I can get. There is a Free Ai Facebook Page but me see if we can do something else–that’s better than a damn Facebook page.

Here is a petition you can sign as well with already over 7,000 names on it!

Here is an awesome page on Facebook as well that has embassy numbers so you can call and demand his release…

free ai weiwei hal hefner gates the webcomic heavy metal THE CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY SUCKS!!!! FREE AI WEIWEI!


Well, all I can say is that this sucks. And as America becomes more of a socialist country than a democracy we need to keep our eyes open and fight back against the unjust when they happen.

It’s apparent that the public opinion is a bit meek these days. George W. Bush had his way with our country and clearly lied to Americans about “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq that started this endless war. And now Obama hasn’t done much to help since then either. We are now at war in Libya. We are in trillions of dollars of debt and the country seems ill-prepared to handle a natural disaster like we see happening in Japan.

It’s a scary time in the world. And it’s a time when we need to be awake and QUESTIONING EVERYTHING! Especially what we hear from our media. I actually encourage you to check out several world news outlets for your news as well as America because CNN/FOX etc, only tell you what the big corporations who control our government want you to know.

Check these for a couple of days in a row:
BBC News

Al Jazeera

And see if you see any discrepancy.

This whole thing scares me. As an artist and a human being it scares the shit out of me. I’m pretty outspoken if you couldn’t tell. I’m not a fan of authority, a religion being pushed on me or being told how to think, act or live. And my comic Gates, will demonstrate that more and more as the story progresses. I don’t run away from things, I take them head on.

And right now I am severely pissed off and I want to fight this crap and help free a fellow artist and thinker.

People we need to wake up and smell the horse shit. Don’t be a sheep. As Timothy Leary said, “Think for yourself. Question authority.”