Josh Mintz- vocals, guitar, vodka

Frank Day- bass, medical advice

Greg Pajer- guitars, vocals, toys

Blake Paulson- drums, drums and more fuckin drums

Friend Slash Lover is an LA based band with their own unique sound. With frontman and creative spark plug Josh Mintz, leading the way.

Friend Slash Lover makes an impressive debut with its EP As American As Ones And Zeroes. This six-song set has been nominated for best EP at’s 2011 Radio Music Awards.

“Breakin’ Up” and “Where Have I Been All My Life” possess the pondering expected from Pink Floyd with a touch of Roxy Music’s vocal delivery in the choruses. “Disasteroid” and “I Brake for Guilty Consciences” have The Killers’ blend of rock and wit.

Joshn Mintz and FSL,  playing the Key Club and wearing a ConGenement, Gates the comic, T-shirt.

Where Have I Been All My Life – Friend Slash Lover