New York/New Jersey’s HavocHate plays a mixture of thrash and power metal not entirely unlike that made famous by The Big Four. This balls to the wall band was formed in the late ’90s by guitarist Freddy Ordine and drummer Ovie Rodriguez.

An advertisement in a local music newspaper that read “Crazed vocalist looking for equally crazed band” led the pair to singer Jon Mallek. Bassist Dave Ludwig joined the fold prior to the recording of their debut album after being the band’s roadie for a period of time.

In early spring 2011, after a brief hiatus, with the original lineup in place, the members of HavocHate, that headed back to the studio and sharpened their knives. The band admits that they are really just cavemen in a spaceship that continue to mix ‘70s, ’80s and ‘90s metal flavors with modern sensibilities. With a sound that transcends metal’s numerous sub-genres, the HavocHate has a little something for everyone.
Their song, This violent Earth appears on the Gates, science fiction comic soundtrack.

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