Jordan Reyne is sexy and intelligence all rolled into one unique sound. She has been hailed by New Zealand’s National Radio as the “pioneer of a new sound.” Jordan’s music has been variously described as “celtic industrial”, “folk noir” and “Antipodean Steampunk” yet she defies any cut and dried description. And he song the Washing Machine Song is a perfect fit for the Gates soundtrack. She brings a very cool vibe and music that has depth to the soundtrack and her almost spoken word like song, really sets the tone for the comic in many ways.

Her website has a great description that I think sums her music up perfectly, “Imagine a 19th Century Nine Inch Nails banging on old iron and steam powered machines, combined with the Dead Can Dance’s electronic folk soundscapes and Sinead Oconnor’s vocals in the background.” Yup that says it all.



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